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Why the name Pear's and who's Pierre Herman?

Our company roots go back…like way back to 1915 when (as the legend goes) ace master roaster, Pierre Herman began roasting all kinds of delicious nuts. To learn more, visit our About Us page.

Are these really award-winning snacks?

Yes! Progressive Grocer’s editors awarded our snacks the title of Best New Products. Our innovation and taste truly can’t be beat!

There’s a lot of talk about plant-based eating these days. What are examples of plant-based foods?

Nuts, of course! Along with seeds, legumes, beans, whole grains, fruits and veggies.

Which Pear’s Snacks are Gluten Free?

Our fantastic Everything Bagel® Cashews and Salted Caramel Churro Inspired Almonds are GF.

Are any Pear’s Snacks vegan?

Yes, our signature snack, the Everything Bagel® Cashew is vegan!

Do Pear’s Snacks contain artificial preservatives, flavors or colors?

Nope! Nada! None!

What else makes you different from other nut-based snacks?

Pear’s Snacks are seasoned with originality — we focus on big, bold, original flavors you won’t find elsewhere.

What other nutty flavors are in the works?

Sorry, that’s one of those trade secret things but let’s just say we have a list of ideas about a mile long! Have a suggestion for a terrifically tasty flavor/nut combination? Reach out using our Contact Us form. You never know… your idea could become our next flavorlicious® snack!

Why are plant-based foods important when it comes to snacking?

Less is more! Plant-based snacks tend to be more filling and satiating so you can eat less yet feel more satisfied than when consuming calorie laden chips or cookies, for example.

How many grams of protein and dietary fiber are in Pear’s Snacks?

Protein values ranges from 3 to 9 grams and from 1-3 grams Dietary Fiber per serving.

Are there other nutritional benefits?

Yup! Pear’s Snacks are Cholesterol Free and several varieties offer a Good Source of Essential Minerals.

Do you ship outside of planet Earth?

Not at this time, unfortunately. Though we are working on plans to make a single delivery to Mars sometime in the next 7-10 years. Stay tuned!

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