We’re so happy you dropped by to learn a little bit about who we are and, of course, why we named our nut company after a fruit. We didn’t, actually. As you’ll see shortly.

Ready? Excellent! Let’s begin!

As the story was told to us…

It all started more than 100 years ago, when Master Roaster “Pierre Hermann” arrived at Ellis Island. The U.S. customs official, not quite understanding Pierre, mistakenly wrote down his name as “Pear” -- and it stuck. Not ideal but Pierre being the trooper he was, rolled with it and from that moment on, he was known as Pear Herman. (yup, they also misspelled his last name.)

Pear was truly a gifted craftsman. With his expert touch, he created delicious small-batch, hand-crafted nuts equal to no other. And like our skillful nut-roasting namesake (yes, we named our company after Pear!), we are carrying on the tradition of making creative, delicious snack nuts that we hope are remembered for the next 100 years.

Our present-day dream started with nature’s original healthy snack, The Almighty Nut.

Just like you, we’re drawn to big, bold flavors. And when we looked at the corner of mouthwatering and snack nuts, we just weren’t feeling it. In the vein of “if you want something done right, do it yourself”, we began to mull it over.

Being creators at heart, we considered the plain-Jane nut in all its glory and asked ourselves how nature’s eats could become even more inspiring and crave-worthy. So many FLAVORLICIOUS® options sprang to mind.

Our test kitchen was soon strewn with all manner of nuts and seasonings, and after some trial and error, and then more trial and error, we came up with some tasty varieties that we think will knock your socks off.

We truly believe these are some of the best snack nuts you will ever taste. And we can’t wait for you to check them out. Feel free to drop us a line with your thoughts along with any other fab nutty ideas you might have for future flavors.

Sincerely & Nuttily Yours,

The Pear’s Snacks Team